Eidolon Adoptions

Welcome to the Adoption Center of Eidolon. The creatures you find below are all looking for new homes and new adventures. You are invited to take them to your webpages, but a link back to this site is requested so that they may continue to visit with friends and relatives. Your cooperation is appreciated. If you use the coding provided beneath the images, a link is built into it. Or, you can use the link button at the bottom of the page. (Don't forget to save the image and upload to your server. If you attempt to link directly to the images here, you will not get the image you want.)

Choose a creature and right click, then select "save as" to download that creature to your computer. You will then need to upload the image to your webpage. Make sure you save the image within the same directory as the page you want it to appear on. Highlight the text below the image you selected, right click and select "copy." In your page editor, open the page you want the image to appear. Right click and select "paste" to add the code you just copied. In the coding, change "yourdomain.com" to your own page address. Save the file, and your image should appear!

Fox Squirrel


faery 1
Faery 1
faery 2
Faery 2

Eidolon Adoptions


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